The Advisory Council is made up of members of the community, who have a heart to serve the youth. They advise the direction of the youth center and have huge input on fundraising, programming, nominations, public relations, and all other accepts of running the youth center.


Charissa Lees

Charissa grew up in Morrisville and was on many of the sports teams, as well as in several school plays. She decided to live for Christ at a young age. She served in the Army National Guard, where she met her husband, Shawn, and loves being the Executive  Director for the SRYC, which she founded. She collects comic books (DC only), loves anime, and Star Wars. Her other favorite activites are playing with her daughter, listening music, reading, acting, and keeping up with pop culture. She has published five books, two of which are for teens, and is working on more.


Hal Wilcox

Hal has coached football and baseball in Morrisville for many years. Four years ago, he took over the Morrisville Middle School Football team; and also help out with the high school team.  He is currently coaching with the Morrisville Little Bulldogs. Most of the youth around town either call him Coach or Coach Hal. He also helps Cru run a chapel with some of the sports teams, helping the youth learn from the Bible. My family has been around Morrisville for about 100 years.


Orpha Newswanger


Pat Wright

Patricia goes by the nickname of Pat or Miss Pat. She was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey and came to Fairless Hills when she was 12 years old. She is married to Rich Wright now and they live in Levittown. She is retired from the New Jersey Attorney General’s office after 25 years of service. She grew up learning about Jesus early in life, but came to faith in Him as her Savior at 16. Her faith and reliance on Jesus has grown as the years have passed. She had her husband enjoy taking long walks in the park or around the neighborhood. They also enjoy trips to places in and out of the U.S. to see places they have only seen before in pictures.

Members and Representatives

The Public Relations and Tech security staff volunteers also serve on the Advisory Council. (Thier bios are in the staff section.) The members and representatives serve on different committees and come from different organizations to coordinate community relations, programming, and events. There are also a parent representative, community representative, and three youth representatives. The latter gives the youth their proper voice to make the youth center wholly theirs. Youth reps come from different schools, can be either male or female, and cover many different grades.