The teens and staff have an attitude that acknowledges and cares about the rights and feeling of those around them.  Acting unselfishly, they hold the people in the Center, whether another teen or an adult, in high regard.  They not only have respect for those around them, but also for themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually regardless of age, race, or status.


The teens and staff are honest and upright in their interaction with each other and those around them.  Their truthfulness does not allow lies, rumors, or gossip to enter the Center at any time.  Honor and morality guides them as they interact with those inside and outside the Youth Center.

Servant’s Heart

The teens and staff willingly serve others, putting them first.  It is serving them with humility and selflessness wanting to help them and needing no recognition for what is done.


The teens and staff show that they love and care about the people, their needs, feelings, thoughts, and ideas at all times.  They always remember that the people are the important ones.  By filling ourselves with compassion we are making what we do meaningful, showing that we are united in love for the people to whom we and with whom we interact.

Unconditional Positive Attitude

The teens and staff show unconditional caring, encouraging, understanding, and a sense of security, so that no matter what has happened in the past, everyone is genuinely loved and welcomed without prerequisites into a bright future.