In 2005, the Solid Rock Youth Center was established in Morrisville. It was first started by Charissa Lees, who grew up in Morrisville and wanted to have a place where she could have hung out. The youth center’s mission is to give the teens of the Morrisville community a safe and fun environment to pursue recreational, educational, and spiritual development, allowing them to build character and leadership skills based on Christian morals and values. The core values are the foundation for all of their decisions. They are: a servant’s heart, compassion, integrity, respect, and an unconditional positive attitude. 

Charissa became the youth center's first Executive Director. Unable to find a suitable building within walking distance for the kids, the First Baptist Church completely remodeled their upstairs to become a temporary housing for the youth center. The youth center was staffed completely with volunteers. The Executive Board was established to make decisions for the youth center and the Advisory Council was created so that the community and teens would be able to have a say in what events take place and how the organization works. Charissa was subsequently deployed to Iraq with the Army National Guard and the volunteers and Advisory Council ran the youth center while she was away. Upon her return, she was rehired as the Executive Director, this time with a part-time salary. All other staff remain volunteers.

The SRYC is of the few places where teens can earn community service for both school and court ordered. In 2012, it became an official 501(c)3 or charitable organization. The SRYC volunteer staff works hard to provide many programs for the youth. These included: concerts, themed events, tournaments, sports, music, literacy, computers, community service, and many other activities. During all of these programs, the focus is to give the teens of Morrisville a safe place to hang out where they are learning communication skills, life skills, problem solving, team work, physical fitness appreciation, and the decision making process. The SRYC is continually adding new events to the schedule to keep current with the needs of the youth.

It is proud to be an established part of the Morrisville community and to partner with many of her organizations. Some those they work with include, but are by no means limited to:

21st Century

Bucks County Courier Times


Downstage Dance Center

Falls Shotokan Karate Club

First Baptist Church

Ivin’s Outreach Center

Morrisville Business Association

Morrisville District Court

Morrisville Times

Robert Morris Apartments

Rotary Club


It is important to the SRYC that they are always relevant to the youth they minister to and that they are meeting the needs of the Morrisville Community for the teens. The youth center welcome you to join them in this important mission.