Solid Rock Youth Center exists to give the teens of the Morrisville community a safe and fun environment to pursue recreational, educational, and spiritual development, allowing them to build character and leadership skills based on Christain morals and values.


Why a youth center in Morrisville? The youth of today are inundated by a pop culture that forces them to conform and pressures them with unscrupulous morals and values.  Morrisville is well known among its community members as being  a friendly community and yet it also has a high rate of teen problems.  Statistics show that 41% of students are economically disadvantaged, many from single parent families among which 30.3% of single mothers with children under 18 live in poverty. The 2005 Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) risk and resource assessment identified as risk factors among Morrisville students: 1) Low Self Esteem, 2) Community Disorganization and Low Neighborhood Attachment, 3) Perceived Academic Failure, and 4) Favorable Parental Attitudes to Anti-Social Behaviors. A survey among the youth showed that peer pressure, alcohol and drug abuse, and gangs were at the top of their concerns.  The non-existence of a youth center also rated highly.  They felt they wanted a place where they could be safe, have fun, and also grow and learn.  Our youth center's purpse is to give them just such a place based on a firm foundation of Christain morals and values. Showing them: