There are some great and easy ways to donate to the SRYC, that don't acutally cost you a cent! Check them out below!

Amazon Shopping:

Every time you shop at Amazon, they will donate to us. Simply go to here, and type Solid Rock Youth Center, Inc. and select us.  It will say “Supporting: Solid Rock Youth Center” in  yellow at the top of the page. Make sure when you shop you use the website:!

TD Bank  Affinity:  

Simply register your account for the SRYC at the bank and at the end of the year TD makes a donation to the youth center based on how much is in your account. We also receive $25 for any new account created. You can go to any TD location, or fill out a paper we have. Just put in Solid Rock Youth Center AG009!


Each online search or shopping trip (at 5,000+ stores) through their site, means they will make a donation! Simply download their search bar or shop through the site. 

 We also have a go fund me account which can be found at

Of course, you can also send us a check directly! You will recieve a tax donation letter back.
Make checks to: SRYC. You can mail them to:
50 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
Morrisville, PA 19067