Do you often feel out of touch with the
youth you are raising?

These are specific training sessions enabling you to get in touch with what your youth is thinking, feeling, and why. These sessions are all required training for every staff member. If you are not staff, but feel they would be helpful for you, please feel free to use the material. We ask that you simply give credit to the authors.

Session One: Understanding the Mind of a Teenager

There is new evidence that a teen’s mind is far different from what was originally thought. This session explains how their minds develop and how to interact and understand them during these stages, as well as how you can help them to develop the skills they will need through life. (45 min. live)

Session Two: Mentoring and Danger Signs

A more in-depth look at what a true mentor is, why it is important, how to know when a teenager is in trouble, and specific things you can do to help them regain their balance. (1 hour and 15 min live)

Session Three: Getting a Grip on Youth Culture

Adults are only beginning to understand the impact of teen culture. Do you know everything that is encompassed in it or how to combat it, so you are raising your child and not the world around them? This session gives a clear understanding of today’s teen culture and its impact is on you and your teen. (45 min live)

How to Give the Gospel Training is also avaible from the Campus Crusade Cru website. While they do use a specific book, the concept and teaching points can be used without it. Click Here to be redirected.